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What Are The Benefits Of Low Energy & LED?

What Are The Benefits Of Low Energy & LED?
There are many benefits to switching to low energy and LED fittings and lamps, Large energy savings in comparison to incandescents and other counterparts.
Low maintenance costs – LED will last for over 30,000 hours meaning little or no maintenance.

What Low Energy & LED Products Are There?
LED floodlights – ideal for domestic use due to vast energy saving benefits. The initial outlay is recovered over a period of time, as the LEDs will last longer than other traditional light sources.

LED tubes. Ideal for replacing existing, high-energy consuming, fluorescent tubes.

LED high bays - Ideal for use in the industrial and retail sectors. They have a crystal clear light output which would equal a metal halide alternative.

LED ceiling and wall panels – Great for installing in the ceiling or on the wall, and are available in either 4000K or 6000K lamps depending on your requirements.

Low energy lamps – a range of LED and other low energy lamps, which are ideal for a variety of applications. The LED lamps come in many designs to suit existing fittings as well as many different wattages.