Steel City Lighting Dusk to Dawn Photocells Google Shopping Photocells automatically switch lights on at dusk and turn them off again at dawn, and are best used with energy efficient lighting such as LED, metal halide or sodium. Some of these photocell switches may also be set to turn the lights off after a preset amount of time.  Stearn Electric Co. Adjustable Time/Lux Photocell This photocell has an adjustable time and lux control. The unit will switch lights at an adjustable light level of between 10 to 300 lux, then remain on for adjustable pre set time of 2 to 16 hours. This unit will switch incandescent,Tungsten Halogen,switch start and high electronic fluorescent ballasts,compact fluorescent,LED and discharge lighting up to permissible loads. A compact vandal resistant polycarbonate body has a IP54 rating, so can withstand the weather.10 to 300 lux adjustable light on level2 to 16 hours adjustable light off1,500 Watts (6A) Incandescent or Tungsten Halogen1,000 Watts (4A) switch start or high frequency fluorescent ballast500 (2A) Watts compact fluorescent lamps250 Watt (1A) Sodium or Metal Halide LampsPolycarbonate constructionIP54, outdoor useDims:H 75mm x W 60mm x D 37mm home & garden > lighting shopify_UK_8226852103 DUSW new 28.51 GBP in stock 05456860159030 Stearn Electric Co. DUSW Security Lighting adult Stearn Electric Co. Adjustable Twilight Photocell Switch An internally adjustable twilight photocell switch for switching as low as 10 lux to a high of 300 lux. The IP54 enclosure is suitable for outdoor use.This unit is suitable for up to 6 amps (1500W) of resistive or up to 4 amps (1000W) of fluorescent or inductive lighting loads.adjustable photocell10 to 300 lux rangeCompact polycarbonate mouldingUK manufactured6 amp resistive,4 amp fluorescent or inductive loadDms:H 65mm, W 60mm, D 37mm home & garden > lighting shopify_UK_8226665671 TWSW new 20.92 GBP in stock 05456860159054 Stearn Electric Co. TWSW Security Lighting adult Knightsbridge IP55 Adjustable Twilight Photocell Switch An internally adjustable twilight photocell switch for switching as low as 3 lux to a high of 1000 lux. The time on is also adjustable, as well as the normal dusk to dawn switching, this unit can be set to off 2,4,6, and 8 hours after set lighting on time. An ambient light memory function helps to minimise false switching. The IP55 enclosure is suitable for outdoor use. This unit is suitable for up to 1000 Watt of incandescent, 500 Watt of fluorescent and discharge lighting loads or 250.Adjustable photocell, 3 to 1000 lux rangeAdjustable time, dusk to dawn- 2,4,6, and 8 hoursLoad: Incandescent 1,000 Watt, Fluorescent & Discharge 500 Watt, LED 250 WattIP55 white polycarbonate body230 Volt 50Hz supplyDims:Length 105mm. Width 79mm. Depth 36mmDownload Data Sheet home & garden > lighting shopify_UK_8227136711 OS006 new 13.83 GBP in stock 05055559191247 Knightsbridge OS006 Security Lighting adult Knightsbridge IP54 NEMA Socket Photocell Kit Switches lights on at dusk and off at dawn. For outdoor lighting during the night, for security and convenience. Suitable for switching most types of industrial and domestic lighting (e.g. tungsten, fluorescent or discharge lamps)230 Volt 50Hz operationIP54 outdoor rated10 amp, 2000 watt Tungsten Halogen, or 2 x 400 watt SON / 3 x 150 watt HQI maximum load at 1800vAPlease check compatibility of light fitting if used with fluorescent lampsElectronic relay load switchingSwitches on <20 lux, Off >80 luxW 80mm x H 110mm, depth from wall 95mm. home & garden > lighting shopify_UK_8226516935 TRPCKIT new 7.84 GBP in stock 5055559121510 Knightsbridge TRPCKIT Security Lighting adult Red Arrow Trading Mini Retro-Fit Photocell This mini photocell is ideal for converting existing light fittings to automatically switch on at dusk then off at dawn. The compact unit can be easily fitted to bulkheads,floodlights and wallpacks. An IP65 rating of the photocell module ensures no compromise of the original IP rating.Miniature PhotocellOn 20 lux,off 80 lux approx.Total Load 10A resistive  2,000 watts Tungsten Halogen, 2A discarge 400 watts SON/HQIBlack polycarbonate bodyIP65 rated16mm cutout required5,000 cycles expected life.Dims: Height 52mm, Width 22mm, Total depth 51mm,Recess depth 29mm home & garden > lighting shopify_UK_8226674631 PC15 new 4.44 GBP in stock 5055807609395 Red Arrow Trading PC15 Security Lighting adult