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iLite LED Portable Rechargeable Sports Floodlight

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The iLite is a LED portable floodlight with an inflatable 3.5 metre high tripod, all in one easy to carry bag. This unit has been designed for football training during the darker winter months. A mini soccer pitch of 60 metre x 40 metres can be lit to a reasonable lighting level using 6 of these, but we do recommend 8 units for the optimum light. The LED floodlight head gives more light than a 300 Watt Tungsten Halogen, but with a bright daylight colour light. Everything required to get one of these floodlights up and working is provided in the bag. The battery pack once fully charged, will provide over 3 hours use.

Please note that the iLite inflatable portable floodlight is not suitable for areas subjected to winds of greater than 10mph.

In the bag (Dims: H 230mm, W 250mm, L 800mm. Weight 12kg)

1 x HPML™ AD Ilite 3000 lumens LED Floodlight module
1 x 3.5 metre inflatable tripod
1 x iLite Carry Bag
1 x 14ah 12V Lead Acid Sealed Battery
1 x Battery Charger
1 x UK BS1361 Plug
1 x Battery Bag
3 x Ground anchors
1 x Set Guide Lines
3 x Sand Bags

Ilite Floodlight Datasheet


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