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HT340R Rechargeable LED Headtorch

£46.99 (Inc VAT)

The HT340R is a rechargeable Li-ion LED headtorch that provides 340 lumens of light output along a 200m spot beam, and also includes a proximity dimming mode for close-up work and a wide area flood mode, making this a versatile work light. The li-ion battery is rechargeable using a micro-USB connection from any suitable USB device.

Supplied with USB  charging cable and non-slip headstrap.

  • 340 lumens light output, 200m spot beam.
  • USB rechargeable Li-ion battery.
  • Runtime: 1 hour 42 minutes on high mode, 130 hours on low mode.
  • Three light modes: Spot Beam, Wide Area Flood and Proximity Dimming.
  • Dimensions: 62mm (l) x 45.6mm (h) x 44mm (d).
  • Weight: 100g including battery.

Available extras include AC and vehicle charging adapters, and helmet clips.