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15 Watt (3500K) LED Gear Tray with Microwave Motion Sensor and Dim to 10%


This 15 Watt, 1,500 lumen's output LED gear tray is an energy efficient and long life answer to replacing 28 Watt 2D lamps in existing suitable light fittings. This unit produces a massive 100 lumen's per watt and has a life expectancy of 35,000 hours backed by a 2 year manufacturers warranty. The white (3,500 K) colour light is the same as the most popular 2D lamps, so not a dull soft white or cold blue light. A microwave motion sensor and a 10% dim means that the gear tray will always be on and after detection will light to 100% and then dim back down after the last activation. This is ideal for areas such as corridors or stairwells. A common 3 keyhole fixing makes this unit retro fit for the SCL Direct  Polo and Maximo ranges.

  • 15 Watt 72 pce SMD LED light source
  • 1,500 lumen's, White, Lamp Colour_White, 3,500K colour light
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • Adjustable microwave motion sensor. Area:10 metre, 360 degree radius at 3.5 height, Time 10 sec to 30 mins, Light 2-2000 lux
  • light up on actvation and then dim to 10% after last detection.
  • 230 Volt Supply required. ( L, N, E)
  • Dims:Dia 244mm, Depth 30mm
  • Three keyhole slot fixing (200mm centres SCL Direct Polo & Maximo range)