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3 hour Maintained Emergency Conversion Pack for 5 to 75 Watt LED fittings


This multi-purpose emergency conversion kit is suitable for LED fittings from 5 Watt to 75 Watt that have a remote constant current driver. Ideal for use with 600 x 600 LED panels and also LED downlights etc that need to have a maintained emergency operation of 3 hours. It is not suited to fittings with an integral LED driver due to the wiring configuration. The kit is supplied pre wired in an enclosure with a bare end lead connection for mains, a 2.1mm DC socket in from driver in and 2.1mm DC jack out to the panel. A green LED status indicator is also provided pre wired on a 600mm lead.


  • 5 to 75 Watt LED fitting compatible
  • 10 Watt output in emergency mode
  • 250mA charging current, 240 - 260mA discharging current
  • For use with a constant current driver only
  • 19.2 Volt, 1500mAh Ni Cad AA battery pack
  • IP20, indoor use only
  • Operating temp -10 C to 45 C
  • 220 - 230 Volt 50Hz input Voltage
  • Dims: W 219mm, H 104mm, D 44mm
GTIN: "5055807615303",