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58W T8 5 Pole Emergency Conversion Kit


An emergency conversion kit comprising of a high quality emergency lighting inverter module,4Ah D cell Nickel Cadmium high temperature stick battery pack with end caps, green LED indicator with mounting bezel and battery/inverter leads with amp plug connectors.This kit is provided with an OM inverter module which is referred to as ‘Total Isolation’ or 5-pole control units (featuring full 4pole change-over of the lamp/gear connections plus a timed fifth pole to make & break the ballast live supply). This ensures that these conversion kits are suitable for all ballast types including High Frequency and dimming.

  • Up to 58 Watt T8 tube compatible
  • Inverter,battery,LED indicator and leads supplied
  • 3 hour maintained operation
  • The modules fully comply to EN61347 and EN60925
  • Wiring diagrams provided in kit and downloadable