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Ceramic 150 Watt Double Ended Metal Halide Lamp

SKU 150WMHDE-C-942
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150 Watt Ceramic Metal Halide HQI-DE lamp for use in retail and commercial Metal Halide light fittings.The main benefits of ceramic lamps are a constant colour throughout the lamps life, unlike conventional Quartz Metal Halide. An expected lamp of 15,000 is 33% more than standard lamps. These ceramic lamps are also brighter than standard lamps.

    • 150 Watt Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp
    • RX7s double end cap
    • 15,000 hour expected lamp life
    • 12,500 lumen's output, 4,200K neutral white colour temperature
    • 14,500 lumen's output, 3,000K warm white colour temperature
    • 135mm length,24mm height