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  • 70 Watt Metal Halide IP65 White Floodlight
    SKU: FL070HQI/WH
  • 70 Watt Sodium Floodlight With Photocell and Lamp
    SKU: FL070SON/L/PC
  • 15 Watt 1,200lm Daylight IP65 Floodlight
    SKU: FLS15BK
  • 500 Watt Tungsten Halogen Floodlight
    SKU: FL500TH
  • 300 Watt PIR Transmitter Floodlight
    SKU: TRS21TX
  • Sale Solaris Megastar 16K LED Portable Rechargeable Floodlight
  • ECO 30 Watt IP65 Warm White (3100K) LED PIR Floodlight
  • 400 watt Energy saving PIR Halogen Floodlight
    SKU: SLB400G
  • Slimstar PIR 10 Watt, 1000 lumens LED Floodlight
  • Showing 1 to 24 of 141 products

    What Type Of Floodlights Are There?

    There are many types of floodlight on the market which are perfect for a number of uses, take a quick look at the different options below to decide what is best for your needs.

    LED Floodlights

    LED floodlights are now the more popular alternative to traditional metal halide, sodium and halogen floodlights. Although more expensive than metal halide, sodium and halogen, the energy saving benefits that the LED floodlights have to offer outweigh the price.

    LED floodlights have extremely low running costs, having anything between 30,000 hours to 50,000 hours depending on usage of the fitting, meaning that they will remain virtually maintenance free. A qualified electrician is always recommended to fit the products as they are mains wired and fitted to a solid surface. 

    Metal Halide

    Metal Halide Floodlights are one of the most used floodlights on the market today. Our floodlights range start from 70 watts to 2000 watts.

    Metal Halide fittings are powerful in output and produce a crisp white/blue light, ideal for good colour rendering for recording equipment such as CCTV. The lower wattage metal halide floodlights are ideal for outside of the home, however these types of floodlights are not ideal for on/off operation and lend themselves perfectly for constant illumination. Higher wattage floodlights are perfect for illuminating larger areas such as football, sporting arenas or sports pitches.

    Sodium Floodlights

    A warmer orange light given by these floodlights are ideal for more industrial and commercial applications and will often be seen outside commercial properties and industrial premises to help people see at night outside without having a bright beam of light pollution.

    Most will be high pressure sodium which are typically found in street lights

    Induction Floodlights

    Induction floodlights are becoming highly cost effective as power consumption costs often increase. The induction floodlights range from 80 watts to 400 watts.

    Up to 40% saving is achieved against metal halide lighting, while there is up to a 50% saving to be made when using induction instead of sodium floodlights. The fittings will last approximately 100,000 hours compared to 30,000 hour life of LED and the 10,000 hour life of fluorescent fittings. (All approximate depending on use)

    Low Energy Floodlights

    Our range includes polycarbonate wall packs, which are ideal for industrial / commercial areas such as factories and warehouses. A solid reliable design and discreet in appearance, these fittings are ideal for a variety of applications.

    The PBT floodlights in the range are weather resistant in salt laden areas, particularly useful in coastal areas and areas where salt water can cause damage. They use PL lamps to offer a low energy solution. 

    Portable Floodlights

    Our portable floodlight range include many, hard wearing, rechargeable floodlights which can be used for many applications. The Nightsearcher Megastar when used on full power (8 units) will illuminate a 60x40 metre area for 2.25 – 18 hours depending on brightness selected, which makes them ideal for football and rugby training. 

    110V Industrial Floodlight

    110V floodlights run at a safe voltage of 110V, providing lighting for hazardous, and potentially dangerous, areas of work. Ideal for when temporary lighting is required. The floodlights are available in various wattages.

    Available in yellow to ensure that they stand out and use the crisp light from metal halide lamps to provide sufficient illumination.